Rise & shine princess!

I know I’m not the only one who struggles to wake up and get out of bed in the morning… But as soon as my alarm goes off I don’t think about what i have to do that day or what to wear (although that’s a close second).. I automatically think about what I am going to eat when I get up.

I seriously don’t know how I am not obese, all I do is think about & eat food!!

Growing up my Baka (which is Croatian for grandma) use to make theeee best foods! 👌But hey, so do every wog grandparents and parents! I remember going there on the school holidays and she would spend hours and hours in the kitchen cooking… And only with one arm! What a legend! She was in a tragic car accident when she was younger and her arm had to be amputated… But she manages to sew, cook, clean, garden… so just about everything!
Anyways… She use to have every element on the stove on, with pots sizzling & boiling away. The aromas in the air stick to you and you can smell the lard and all the fatty goodness for days after you leave… (I guess we’re suppose to shower right? Naaahhh overrated!) but that was how she got her foods to taste so good! Fry everything off in lard! Her chicken schnitzels are TO DIE FOR! Fo Realz!
They are that good, but only cause it’s dripping in lard… And don’t get me started on her chips…ohmygod, I could sit here all day and tell you how amazing her food is… And then we get onto the traditional Croatian foods & cakes… Man, I probably should start a new blog for all of that! One day I’ll fill you in on the secrets (when I learn to translate the recipes into English!)

Anyways, this morning I struggled to get out of bed for gym… my immune system is buggered from all the anesthetic pumped through my body when I was younger, so as soon as theres a change in the weather my body shuts down… yipppeeeee
So this morning instead of having my usual smoothie i had a double espresso protein shake!

Zazzooossss! WAKE UP ELLA!!
Tell you what.. it woke me up! Kinda felt like one minute dead, nek minute – come at me world!…whilst satisfying my taste buds.

Banana smoothie


(Not my picture- But its exactly what it looked like.. & I drank it too quickly to get a pic…whoopsie)

Banana Espresso Protein Shake

1 frozen banana
1/2 cup ice
250mL Almond Milk
2 scoops vanilla protein powder (i use Maxine’s Burn )
Double espresso shot
2 teaspoon of almond butter
Stevia to taste
Chia seeds

Blend it reeaallll good!


There’ll be leftovers, so just put it in the fridge or take to work/uni/whatever you do & have it later!

Xoxo Love Ella


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